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A Novel The Party Does Not Want You to Read

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One simple question, “How much more are we going to let them take?” places Byron in the crosshairs of The Party. The New Declaration of Independence paves the way for a New World where all people are unified as a ‘Collective’ working towards a Perfect Tomorrow. The Inhabitation of North America must be rid of those who commit Crimes Against Party Ideology. Millions such as Byron who question their reality are captured, taken to be indoctrinated, and given one final opportunity to prove their loyalty, and their worth within The Collective.

Political bands, religious customs, and national allegiances have been dissolved. All institutions which have divided people for years are demolished. Byron’s crimes place his wife and children in jeopardy. Can he find some way to protect them in this strange, new world? Can Byron appease The Party and survive his time in the Cortez Institute of Indoctrination? Will his survival even matter?

Byron utilizes his extensive knowledge of his family's and America's history to survive his ordeal; history which The Party has been successfully erasing.  His path will cross with the beginnings of a revolution.  A revolution unknown to him is closely related to his family.  Will Byron live long enough to change the course of the world, or does he face being  BANNED AND CANCELLED  from society?

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Banned and Cancelled Volume II: Rebirth
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Dystopian Novels

A Story of Survival...

Banned And Cancelled Volume III: Curtains

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A story so real it can't be fiction.  This is a book that your government does not want you to read!

Blake Blevins, Totally Accurate News Network


The Banned And Cancelled Series will resonate throughout the history of time serving as an Orwellian warning for those who maintain indifference to those they elect into office as well as the policies elected officials to enact... Although the writing depicts a dystopian world, Schaefer's use of historical accuracies paints a realistic canvas of art that details the possibilities of what the United States may become if ordinary citizens do not heed the historical lessons of our past. ~ Shelley Luther, Texas House Candidate & Small Business Owner


Both Banned And Cancelled and Banned And Cancelled Volume II: Rebirth, is a revealing work of fiction that reads very much like a historical analysis of a tyrannical government and the consequences that will be revealed if The Party is not held accountable. Schaefer does an extraordinary job of developing a thrilling and suspenseful story that the reader can relate to personally. The Series could become truer than one could ever imagine. ~ Rockwall County Judge David Sweet

I finished Banned and Cancelled recently and I have to say that the book was very hard to put down. To me, it was an excellent example of a possible future of seemingly good intentions leading down a totalitarian path. When we eliminate our past, warts and all, and limit what can be said freely, there's always the possibility that power hungry people can take advantage. ~ Scott Rotondo, Host of The Rotunda

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